From: Ed Kelleher <>
Date: Sun Oct 17 06:42:46 2004

At 10:37 PM 10/16/2004, you wrote:
> > I'd say the commitment to your wife beats the one to Bob D.
>And if you break that commitment with a VAX in the living room, your wife
>may beat you. In the old days, rolling pins or frying pans were used. I
>don't know what is used today.

A DEC power controller with it's 30amp power cable would make a jam up room
clearing flail.
And the platen from a LA34/LA100 is easy to get out and hard as a rock.
If it has pull out disk racks (RA60 etc) make sure she hasn't loosened the
front feet of the rack cabinet.
Don't want that sucker falling on you when you slide a drive out and her
collecting the insurance on you.

[old computer stuff putting us back OT]

Ed K.
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