Linux OS

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sun Oct 17 22:59:32 2004

Zane H. Healy wrote:

>> Jules Richardson wrote:
>>> Linux was around over ten years ago
>>> now, so it is sort-of on topic :)
>> Only if you want to talk about Debian 0.91, Slackware 1.1.2 or the new
>> beta release of SuSE Linux.
> You left out a few, such as the MCM release, and SLS release (I ran SLS
> from when it started in '92 or '93 till '96). Then there was Yggdrasil
> (first CD based distro starting in '93), as well as several other floppy
> based distro's, and of course the classic "Boot/Root" floppies. My
> first few Linux installs were done using the "Boot/Root" floppies
> (starting in January 1992), and then adding everything else.

   I'd love to have a copy of SLS. I ran Slackware v3.something as my
first Linux in '95, but I used SLS for a while in there when I was
learning the difference between a distribution and an OS.

   I have an original Yggdrasil CD, boot floppy, and manual around here

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