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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Oct 18 02:28:59 2004

> I'd love to have a copy of SLS. I ran Slackware v3.something as
>my first Linux in '95, but I used SLS for a while in there when I
>was learning the difference between a distribution and an OS.
> I have an original Yggdrasil CD, boot floppy, and manual around
>here somewhere.

Somewhere in the disaster area I call a storage unit are floppies
with the first 2-3 SLS releases, as well as CD's with some of them.
The first release cost me about $200 to download as I had a 2400 baud
connection to the Internet at $6/hour.

I also have the first 3 Yggdrasil CD's as they sent them to me for
free. Also in my collection are the first three books, and the issue
#1 through about 3-4 years ago of the Linux Journal. Of course I
also have copies of my 0.12 boot and root disks, some of the copies
of the Linux BBS List, and the 486/33 I originally ran Linux on. I
still remember the frustrations of trying to get a video card that
would work with that 486 and support X-Windows (never did get an
ET4000 based card to work in it). I also remember spending $600 to
upgrade from 8MB - 20MB. What was painful was when in late '93 till
early '95 I had to downgrade from the 486 to my older Twinhead
386sx/16 laptop thanks to a change in my job which meant I couldn't
take the 486 with me. Even after adding a math coprocessor, and
upgrading to the full 4MB of RAM, and a huge 320MB HD, running Linux
and X-Windows on it was painful.

All of this is on topic for this list.


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