Classic OS's

From: O. Sharp <>
Date: Mon Oct 18 02:38:04 2004

Thus wrote

> Which reminds me there used to be a series of "EduSystems" for the PDP-8
> as I recall. -25, -30, etc. The one I used was TU-55/-56 based, though
> one or more might well have been disk-based. Have any of these been
> recovered?

Hmmm. Somewhere around here [*] I've got paper tapes of Edu-20 and
Edu-20-C, both BASIC multiuser systems for 8K+ PDP-8s. They were both for
paper-tape-only systems, say schools that could only afford the basic 8K
machine and a few Teletypes. (The Edu-20-C was basically an Edu-20 system
which could use Edu-25 commands.)

I wouldn't mind archiving these things and making them more available, as
soon as I can get that pesky tape reader working. :)

[*] - Our house is much too small. We're working on moving to someplace
larger where we can actually get our books and our hobby supplies and our
shop equipment and our fine china and our bondage equipment _out_ of all
the boxes we've had to put them in for the last few years. So yes, I know
I _have_ these paper tapes, but I'm not currently prepared to dig through
the mountain of boxes in the storage room to get them out. Aiya.


...but that's not to say I wouldn't find room for, say, a PDP-12, or even
a -9 if one came along. :)
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