From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Mon Oct 18 11:33:58 2004

>>> John Allain Wrote:
>>> The RCS/RI* seemed like a nice place to visit, but for me
>>> it was 2X too far at about 200 miles. For a monthly
>>> function I could stomach a travel radius about half that.
>>> William, Curt, David W, Chris B, Pete H, and Rich C are all
>>> in range for me. Travel to LI usually involves bad traffic
>>> but I can still make it there.
>>> John A.
>>> * free plug:

RICM is a great place!!! I have visited there a number of time (the summer
open house / barbeque was GREAT!), and deal with a number of their people on
a regular basis. [They have also been gratious with loans of some of their
duplicate equipment]
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