Classic OS's - TSS/8

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Mon Oct 18 11:38:30 2004

TSS-8 was what I started with. I am not familiar with any of the "busness"
aspects as it was my school districts machine that "was just there". The
configuration [IIRC] was 6x TU-56 [12 tapes] and a small amount of
non-removable disk [multiple DF-32s??]. I know they added some RK-05 right
at the end of the machines use [circa 1975] when everything was upgraded to

MY primary goal in classic computing is to replicate this (on a rduced basis
of course]. Any information on TSS-8 is always greatly appreciated [I have a
decent collection started] as well as hardware or actual software.
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