Classic OS's - TSS/8

From: Al Kossow <>
Date: Mon Oct 18 11:46:03 2004

Any information on TSS-8 is always greatly appreciated [I have a
decent collection started] as well as hardware or actual software.

The version that John Wilson used and the one that I used at UW-M are
up at (basic, johw, uwmMonitor)
Binary paper tape images from John are at bits/dec/pdp8/papertapeImages/set1
The LINCtapes from Lyle Bickley's PDP-12 should have a bunch of material as
Various versions of the manuals are at
Finding hardware capable of running the monitor will be difficult. RF08's
were rare 20 years ago. All but the last versions of TSS/8 required either
DF32s or RF08s for swapping, but DF32s are only 32kwords. Bob Supnik has
TSS/8 running in simulation with SIMH.
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