Classic OS's - TSS/8

From: Tom Peters <>
Date: Mon Oct 18 17:07:03 2004

I still have my DECTape from the TSS/8 at UWM (Circa 1978-79?) but all
there is on it are the BASIC programs I was writing at the time.

What is that, a TU-11? I can't remember the designation. It was on a PDP-8/e.

Did you ever work with Dick Bartlein, or SaMilosovich? (Spelling uncertain)

At 09:46 AM 10/18/2004 -0700, Al Kossow wrote:

>Any information on TSS-8 is always greatly appreciated [I have a
>decent collection started] as well as hardware or actual software.
>The version that John Wilson used and the one that I used at UW-M are
>up at (basic, johw, uwmMonitor)
>Binary paper tape images from John are at bits/dec/pdp8/papertapeImages/set1
>The LINCtapes from Lyle Bickley's PDP-12 should have a bunch of material as
>Various versions of the manuals are at
>Finding hardware capable of running the monitor will be difficult. RF08's
>were rare 20 years ago. All but the last versions of TSS/8 required either
>DF32s or RF08s for swapping, but DF32s are only 32kwords. Bob Supnik has
>TSS/8 running in simulation with SIMH.

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