Classic OS's - TSS/8

From: Al Kossow <>
Date: Mon Oct 18 18:31:35 2004


What is that, a TU-11?

UWM had a TU-56 drive and a TC08 controller, an RF08, and two RK05s
with mods that Bart and Sam did to the monitor to support it before
DEC supported them. It also had a high speed paper tape reader/punch.
Did you ever work with Dick Bartlein, or SaMilosovich?
Yes. Bart and Sam were still around when I started. I was one of the
people who dismantled the system when the 750 moved in. I still regret
giving the DECtapes away to Gary Coleman in Cleveland. There is a small
chance that Jeff Russ may have ended up with them when I bought Gary's
collection, but I've never been able to get a DECtape inventory from
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