From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Wed Oct 20 01:23:55 2004

Missing your classiccmp fix Joe? :)

I neglected to install the new hard drive yet, as I was still digesting all
the pros and cons discussed on the list with regards to should software or
hardware raid be used. I was leaning towards software to keep the cost down,
but an initial look-see into ccd made it look like if a drive failed, the
system would stay up but upon reboot it would fail (ie. it couldn't boot
from the secondary drive). This makes me start leaning towards a hardware
card which likely offers that.

Sorry for the delay folks. I'll get the new drive installed soon. It's been
sitting in my car too long now :) And yes, the old drive locked up again and
I just drove down and reset it tonight.

Jay West
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