Sell's your 8's on Ebay

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Wed Oct 20 02:44:30 2004

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          ben franchuk <> wrote:

> A pdp-8/S is selling for $3,825. With prices like this who can afford
> computer collecting
> since all the 'kid you have free - if you carry it away' computers are
> long gone?

I see what you mean. Someone was selling a Commodore 64 in the local Free-ads
paper a while back - C64, broken PSU, a couple of games, sold as seen, ?150.
This was back when the going rate for a second-hand 400MHz PCs was ?100.
I actually spoke to the seller over the phone - "I paid ?100 for it in 1989
so I want ?150 for it now - there are people that collect these machines,
they're worth a lot, only made a hundred of them you know."

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