Commodore 8010 IEEE-488 Acoustic Modem ?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Oct 20 19:23:34 2004

On Wed, Oct 20, 2004 at 07:46:27PM -0400, Dave Dunfield wrote:
> Hi Ethan,
> It's got a regulator, and some logic - a 6402 UART, and another
> completely unmarked 40-pin chip - I'm guessing it's an PET-IEEE
> controller of some sort.

OK... the 6402 UART is one of the ones that I think can be interfaced
to simple logic - i.e., it doesn't _require_ a microprocessor to read
or write to it. I think there's one in an IEEE-serial box I have from
TNW. I know there's no uP in there.

As for the 40-pin chip, unless it's something like a 6500/1 (a micro-
controller-like relative of the 6502, as found in the 1520 plotter),
you might try looking at the 24 and 28 pin chips for a 6504 or
something like it... It's a 6502 with a short address bus. C= used
them in various disk and printer products. Same die AFAIK, but a
smaller package cuts mfg costs if you don't need 16-bit addressing.

I have no knowledge of 8010 internals, but I have been around a few
printers and a lot of disk devices.
> Other apparent power sources from the connector head off into a maze
> of op-amps and other analog circuitry, even with schematics it would
> take a bit of work to figure out what supplies it was designed for...

Hmm... that makes it hard.

> I'm hopeing that I can find someone with this modem that can measure
> the pins on the "wall wart" - at least then I have a starting point,
> knowing the approximage no-load supply voltages. (It is a wall-wart,
> I found a picture which shows the power-supply).

Sure... that's always easiest.
> Didn't find a thing on funet - I do have a local PET software expert who
> can probably figure some of it out, but again, if I can find hard docs
> or software it would save some head-scratching... Google didn't turn up
> much except for a couple of pictures.

That's unfortunate but not surprising... it's not a common thing. If
I had one, I'm not even sure I could find a use for it. I'm happy to
have a third-party IEEE-serial adapter, and a fits-in-a-ROM-socket 6551
board as well. I did a lot of user-port interfacing as a kid (dual 7-
segment LED display, external keyboard, "Simon" from a 1978 Byte article,
etc...), but never played with serial comms. I _did_ do a bunch with
my C-64, once I got one.

> >Nice find. I've never seen one. Good luck on the hunt for docs.
> Thanks, I did find a few references to it, and here is a fairly decent
> picture (shows front-on view as well as both ends):

> I got it quite by accident - I talked my wife into a 2-hour detour on our
> Thanksgiving getaway...

Nice find.


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