Appearance on G4TechTV's The Screen Savers

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Wed Oct 20 19:22:26 2004

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          Roger Merchberger <> wrote:

> Not to sound like a dork, but how does one access them? For example, the
> filename it tries to save through Mozilla is:
> G4TechTv_The_Scr_Savers_10_18_04[1].asf.torrent
> [[ I'm not sure what the .torrent ending is... ]]

It means it's a Torrent file, i.e. a BitTorrent link.
You need either Bittorrent, ABC ("Another Bittorrent Client") or Shareaza to
download it.
The idea is, when you're downloading, your machine contributes parts of the
file to other people, thereby spreading the load. One machine (the "tracker")
keeps track of everyone who's downloading and uploading.

If you're on dialup, don't waste your time - you'll be there until Hell
freezes over trying to download - Bt is designed to give you roughly what you
upload back in terms of download. So if you upload at 50k/sec, you'll get
about the same (sometimes more) back. If you don't upload anything, you get a
2k/sec download. Usually when your maching gets around 5-10% of the file, the
transfer rate rockets. Also make sure that if you're behind a NAT, your NAT
is set to forward the relevant ports, or you'll get the dreaded Really Slow

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