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From: Tom Ponsford <>
Date: Mon Oct 18 15:40:24 2004

> Check the PSU - I had one die on my Pro380 last year. Not sure what to tell
> you about repair - haven't delved into it yet.

Well I just powered it on, but I'll have to decipher the diagnostic light
codes in the back, and also dig out my good-known-working cable and monitor,
to make sure it is not a fault with either of those. I do have two good
working dec 350's.

I also have a Russian Elektronica-85, which is an identical clone of the dec
350. It unfortunatly DOES have a bad PSU. As I am rusty on my cyrillic
alphabet, and having no working documentation on the power supply, it will be
slow going.

Although the Electronica is "supposed" to be identical to the Pro 350, The
wiring connector(s) are really alien, leaving me to suspect that the wiring
might not be identical to decs. The worse thing I could do is muck around with
and blow-out something I could never hope to replace. It really is an
interesting machine, almost identical to the Pro350 in dimensions and look,
even the way it opens up and is arranged.It does have some differences though
(like the cpu) and I think the CTI bus cage is not electrically identical.

I will play with the Dec350 tomorrow or later this week, and if it proves to
be something I can't fixed I'll move the DECNA card over to my other Pro350. I
believe I might even have the ethernet software (POS) for the card around here

> I'd love to haev a DECNA in my Pro380 - especially when I get around to
> loading some flavor of 2BSD or something similar on it.

They are as rare as hen's teeth, and I would have paid handsomely to get one
if I could ever even find one, and this one fell into my lap..real cheap too!!



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