Help MAC Quadra 600 OS

From: Kelly Leavitt <>
Date: Wed Oct 20 21:47:41 2004

OK. So I somehow hosed the boot drive on the Quadra I found the other day.
All I did was unplug it to try and install A/UX on a new drive. I plugged
the old drive back in after the A/UX install failed, and now I can't boot
the quadra. There wasn't anything of great value on the disc, I would just
like to be able to get the machine up and running System 7.5.3 (or whatever
the latest free one was). Can anyone provide me with an ISO image of this?
All I have available to create discs are PCs and they just aren't that easy
to create a Mac image with (at least not yet).

Any suggestions on what I could do to rescue the drive I killed somehow?

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