Help MAC Quadra 600 OS

From: chris <>
Date: Wed Oct 20 22:11:18 2004

>OK. So I somehow hosed the boot drive on the Quadra I found the other day.
>All I did was unplug it to try and install A/UX on a new drive. I plugged
>the old drive back in after the A/UX install failed, and now I can't boot
>the quadra. There wasn't anything of great value on the disc, I would just
>like to be able to get the machine up and running System 7.5.3 (or whatever
>the latest free one was). Can anyone provide me with an ISO image of this?
>All I have available to create discs are PCs and they just aren't that easy
>to create a Mac image with (at least not yet).
>Any suggestions on what I could do to rescue the drive I killed somehow?

I assume you are talking about a Quadra 800 not a 600. Try zapping the
PRAM. Turn the Mac on, and hold Command-Option-P-R until you hear the
startup bong again. Keep holding until it has cycled 3 times.

See if it boots from the drive.

If not, does this Mac have a CD Rom drive? I can send you a bootable CD
with a System 7.5.5 installer.

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