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From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 10:52:44 2004

>>> In a bit of a follow-up to myself, I managed to locate one
>>> of the mark-sense cards and the template I referred to
>>> earlier. Some
>>> (crude) pictures may be view of each of theses at:
>>> <>

I havent seen those wince the mid 1970's!!!!!

Back when I forst worked on the PDP-8, the school district was using it for
automatic grading of multiple choice exams [among other things]. The system
had a flat scanner that would process a page that had been marked with a #2
pencil. I forget the dimensions and other details (it has been nearly 30
years), but I seem to remember that the sheet was 8.5x11. Was this a
"standard" type of peripheral????
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