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From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 15:08:05 2004

> >>> In a bit of a follow-up to myself, I managed to locate one
> >>> of the mark-sense cards and the template I referred to
> >>> earlier. Some
> >>> (crude) pictures may be view of each of theses at:
> >>>
> >>> <>
> >>>
> I havent seen those wince the mid 1970's!!!!!

Umm, UC Irvine still uses them for class registrations! Imagine
my surprise when I found an IBM-format card on the sidewalk
here... When I exclaimed the hilarity of them, pretty much
everyone was underwhelmed, 'oh those are just class registration
cards, whassup?' of course having no idea how old the system

(I have CASES of surplus, unused LANL/LASL cards I use for notes,
bookmarks, mixing epoxy... about $1 per thousand, new, 1960's
NOS... the catch is you gotta drive to Los Alamos NM to get 'em)
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