Silica gel was Re: Excercising vintage items

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 14:40:04 2004

>>>>> "Cameron" == Cameron Kaiser <> writes:

>> I think these things are meant for closed boxes going from factory
>> to shipping container to warehouse to store, and shouldn't be
>> expected to reduce humidity by significant amounts over long
>> durations.

 Cameron> This does make me lean more towards the Brownells' devices,
 Cameron> which are "rechargeable" (but somewhat expensive given the
 Cameron> number of equipment boxes I've got).

All silica gel is "rechargeable" -- bake it at low temperature to
expel the absorbed water. The only thing to watch out for is that you
don't overheat it; I think that will wreck its ability to absorb
water. The Brownell's metal containers are much sturdier and won't
fall apart if you keep doing this for years, but in principle the same
would work with the little paper bags.

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