OK, all you beige-box people in S. Calif (USA)

From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Thu Oct 21 14:40:51 2004

Sorry for the tease, it's not really that interesting.

At UC (Univ. Calif.) Irvine surplus is a smallish pile of PC
and Apple goodies. This inventory is from my faulty memory,
don't blame me...

I just got a working HP 6MP printer for $20, disturbingly, half
the cost of repairing my LaserJet 4 (the ordinary rear rollers
crumpling sheets problem). Parallel and appletalk interfaces. A
few more, 5mp and 6mp left. One with a stuck switch but seemed
to work. Got a P120 for $15, works, HDD, flop, CDR, few megs RAM,
and the XVGA PCI card I need to repair another machine.

A bunch (dozen) of Apple LaserWriters, 16/600?

Bunch of iMac type monitors, 17"? 19"? Apple.

A few P120, 486 machines, hard disks, two flavors floppy,
CDRs. Eh.

Some Syquest drives, ext cabs with SCSI, about 4? 6? 8?

Some bunch of other removable high-capacity media, JAZ or
whatever, I don't look at beige objects generally. It's all
"sanitary landfill" (sic) to me.

Assante? Ethernet cards, nuBUS? One with manual, a small thing
with little ables and aadapters, one was bigger. I barely looked.

Prices are CHEEP. Much of the stuff works, it was dumped by
some department upgrading.

Open Tuesdays and Thursdays, only, 10am - 1pm, and 2pm -
5pm. Cash. Open to the public. Mostly junky furniture, very
little tech.

Behind UCI North Campus complex (little cluster of low
buildings), on Jamboree, about 100 ft west of Campus Drive,
Irvine. Arrive from route 73, exit Jamboree or Campus.
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