Silica gel was Re: Excercising vintage items

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 15:16:22 2004

> > > Someone suggested Brownells' gel packs, which is a thought, but I was
> > > specifically interested in the little white bags/plastic canisters that
> > > I can just toss in a box.
> >
> > But I must wonder if this will serve our purposes. One little
> > pack only absorbs only a small amount of water - then it stops.
> I was thinking a larger quantity, though ^_^
> > I think these things are meant for closed boxes going from
> > factory to shipping container to warehouse to store, and
> > shouldn't be expected to reduce humidity by significant
> > amounts over long durations.
> This does make me lean more towards the Brownells' devices, which are
> "rechargeable" (but somewhat expensive given the number of equipment boxes
> I've got).

They aren't replacements for dehumidifiers, you'll
be disappointed. They are only meant for use in closed,
relatively-low-humidity environments, like sealed packing boxes
that were packed in a decent environment in the first place.

If exposed to the atmosphere, where moisture is essentially
limitless, they'll go inert shortly.
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