"System Technology Associates"? SDI-ESDI adapter

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Thu Oct 21 18:58:00 2004

   I'm sitting on a pair of half-wide rackmount storage devices
silk-screened "RA 8" and "System Technology Associates" on front.
Standard buttons - Write-Protect, Fault, A, B, on the front panel and an
LED readout. 3 characters, I think. There's a Control Data Corp label
on top of the box, but the model label on the side is STA. Model RA8-1100.

   Open PSU inside, and a logic board that converts the SDI I/O to talk
to 2 Maxtor XT-8760-E ESDI drives.

   I can't find any mention of these puppies on Google. STA is
apparently still operating as an HP VAR, but their site is less than

   So, has anybody ever seen one?

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