Altos 586

From: Scott Stevens <>
Date: Tue Oct 19 21:42:53 2004


I am the happy recipient of an Altos 586 system that was listed available
here a few weeks ago. I have the machine safe and up and running now. I
apparently was the only person who replied to the offer of the machine, but
am hoping there may be others here who have this system. Mine arrived with
Xenix 3.0 installed on the drive, but I have no installation media. I had
one of these systems years ago with the installation media but passed the
machine and diskettes on with the machine.

The Altos 586 is actually a rather interesting machine. It runs Microsoft
('pre SCO') Xenix, based on System 3 UNIX. This particular machine
supports five users on it's row of serial ports, all connected on dumb
terminals or terminal emulators. It's not a very robust UNIX but it is
interesting to note that Microsoft sold a UNIX capable of supporting 5
users on an 8086 processor in 512K of RAM (classic UNIX, of course, could
support many more on less RAM, but this is still a pretty cool machine).

Any help or leads people can offer for this machine would be greatly
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