Flash ADC selection, or other approach?

From: Martin Bishop <mjd.NO.bishop.SPAM_at_iee.org>
Date: Tue Oct 19 15:25:02 2004

Tom Jennings wrote:


or funny hardware to talk USB
(and I don't think USB will guarnetee me my latency)



The Cypress FX2 (CY7C68013) would, with the aid of a state machine to drive
the sampling, (double) buffering and crank the byte stream into the FX2's
FIFO, enable the continuous recording of your data stream. However, the FX2
EVB is ~$500, and as you note the SBC approach at $100 is cheaper.
Nonetheless, the FX2 can (according to the specs) move up to 480Mb/s through
the class drivers. There may be a cheaper FX2 platform or simply cheaper
USB hardware available. However, it a capable and (programmer) friendly
device, ideally suited to bridging between bespoke interfaces and a laptop.

wrt latency, not even asynchronous logic will give you ZERO LATENCY. And,
if I've understood the requirement correctly it is to acquire a finite block
of data at a constant rate without gaps; so latency is not a system level

hth, just putting the case for USB (2.0) ;-)

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