From: Sharon & Ken Peterson <res20nop_at_verizon.net>
Date: Tue Oct 19 20:22:39 2004

Hi All


   I didn't realize this was a group listing but that's OK. I would like to

let you all know that the PDP11 is gone. It went the following day.


   I would like to clarify some things that seems to be the real issues with

the KSR33. I am located on the West Coast in Portland Oregon. My

mistake for not putting that in the original note. There has been concern

about the shipping costs and the actual packing of the TTY for shipment.

I have never had to pack up something like this or know what the costs

would be for shipping it to the East Coast. It seems like most of the

responses that I got were somewhere near the east coast.


  I am really interested in getting rid of this TTY but I need some more

explicit help on how to prepare this for shipping.



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