Commodore 8010 IEEE-488 Acoustic Modem ?

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Date: Wed Oct 20 14:58:00 2004

Hi Ethan,

>> I am looking for:
>> - Information on the power supply - I did not get a power supply
>> with the modem - it has a 5-pin DIN type connector. Can anyone
>> give me the pinout and power requirements?

>Can't help there, but worst case, it shouldn't be difficult to
>reverse-engineer the power supply... if there is some kind of
>regulator, it might take a wide range of voltages. If not, then
>one of the pins is probably +5V. It's old enough that I wouldn't
>assume it uses a C-64 supply or even the voltages for the C-64
>(+5VDC, 9VAC), but it's worth looking at.

Thats my plan-B - but I'm hopeing someone has this modem and can
at least measure the supplies - Sometimes older analog stuff uses
"funny" voltages and it might not be obvious what the supplies are
supposed to be - agreed that it should be easy to identify 5V for the
logic - it appears to be "completely manual" with switches for Answer-
Off-Originate, so I don't think there's much logic except for the IEEE

>> - Documentation? Anyone have a scan of the manual?
>Not me; sorry. Perhaps on funet?

Didn't find anything on funet - but I will continue to look. Not much
mention of this device at all that I could find via google.

>> - Information on how it is used ... What sort of IEEE device does it
>> show up as? Is there "special software" that is used with it? etc.?
>Worst case, you could write a quick BASIC program to try OPENing all the
>devices from 4 to 31 and see where it responds (once you get the power
>issue resolved). Without docs, it'll be hard to tell if there are any
>significant secondary addresses, though.

Yeah - not that I have a burning desire to communiate at 300bps, but I
like to get everything that I collect working ... I did find a couple of
references to software for this modem, which I am trying to track down.
I've never used an IEEE modem on a PET, so it might be "interesting" to
try and figure it out on my own...

>Nice find. I've never seen one. Good luck on the hunt for docs.

Here's a picture I found ... I will be adding my own pics to my site on the
next update (but I just updated it so it will be a while):


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