From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Fri Oct 22 21:24:26 2004

> Well, I finally have a true DEC bit of hardware in the form of a old DEC
> Multia VX40. (166Mhz Alpha, 64MB RAM, 3.5" floppy, 1GB SCSI)
> ...
> Anyone have an non-obvious words of wisdom before I start installing VMS
> onto it?
> (I gather getting VMS on a Multia isn't officially supported, and a bit
> of a trick. )

VMS is not supported. There is a patch kit that allows you to install VMS, but
V7.2 was the last version the patch kit supported.
Eric Dittman
Received on Fri Oct 22 2004 - 21:24:26 BST

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