access to BIOS of DECpc

From: Gooijen H <>
Date: Sat Oct 23 04:12:02 2004

A short update on my efforts ...
The Fujitsu-OnRack version did what was to be expected: it checks and
sees that there is no Fujitsu drive in the PC and stops :-)
Sorry to say that the version from Pete is for Western Digital drives
and shows the same behaviour :-(
I found a gfew manufacturer versions, but not for HP &%$#_at_!&
However, there is till hope at 2 fronts: the version Dave will dig up,
and there is one on auction at eBay (for just a few $$). If I will be
the lucky winner I will share the data on the disk with everybody that
is interested in a copy. It looks like this is an *original* OnTrack
version that works with drives of any manufacturer. It's version 7 ...
I'll report back later.

  thanks for all the help,
- Henk, PA8PDP.

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        Apologies, I didn't get a chance to look for my OnTrack Disk
software last night. I'll definitely dig it up this weekend...

Gooijen H wrote:
> Hi all,
> thanks for all the responses, I have some leads now.
> Here is a report what I tried so far.
> Searching the Internet, I found the setup files set320p and pwr320p
> the DECpc 320P. Alas, the setup allows several items to be
> but the hard disk is not one of them!
> Next, I found Ontrack DiskManager versions for IBM and for
> but the IBM version stops because it does not detect a hard disk of
> brand. BTW, my 2.5" hard disk is from HP, type C2965A.
> The Microscience version allows 7 different types to be set, but up
> now I did not get satisfactory results. I can get to 50 Mb, but
> to the original hard disk (40Mb) that is not much gain, especially
> you think that the C2965A is 420 Mb ...!
> I also have the version from Western Digital, EZ-Drive (Data
> but this version also stops because the disk is not from WD.
> Not yet tried is a version from Fujitsu, and the version I received
> Pete (thanks Pete!).
> I guess it's clear what I will be doing this weekend :-)
> thanks for all the help and advice,
> - Henk, PA8PDP.

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