access to BIOS of DECpc

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Fri Oct 22 22:57:32 2004

On Sat, 23 Oct 2004, Gooijen H wrote:

> A short update on my efforts ...
> The Fujitsu-OnRack version did what was to be expected: it checks and
> sees that there is no Fujitsu drive in the PC and stops :-)
> Sorry to say that the version from Pete is for Western Digital drives
> and shows the same behaviour :-(
> I found a gfew manufacturer versions, but not for HP &%$#_at_!&
> However, there is till hope at 2 fronts: the version Dave will dig up,
> and there is one on auction at eBay (for just a few $$). If I will be
> the lucky winner I will share the data on the disk with everybody that
> is interested in a copy. It looks like this is an *original* OnTrack
> version that works with drives of any manufacturer. It's version 7 ...
> I'll report back later.

Maybe this is a dumb suggestion, in which case I invite folks to throw
pies at me while I'm stripped down nekkid (note: I might like it), but
what about using a boot manager instead? Would it not accomplish the same

To that end, this looks promising:

...or this one...

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