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From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Sun Oct 24 12:38:35 2004


julesrichardson said:

> Was it this list where people were recently talking about receiving
> software via the radio?
> Apparently the UK service was called Basicode - I'm just slogging my way
> through a pile of documentation donated to the museum to sort out the
> useful stuff and stumbled across an apology letter from the BBC. Seems
> they'd moved transmission from Radio 1 VHF to Radio 1 MW and they didn't
> exactly tell people in advance :-)
> The letter's dated 18th October 1984. Seems that the data was
> transmitted as part of a radio programme called 'chip shop'.
> Now, I'm certain I remember seeing a manual about Basicode; I just left
> it in the pile at the museum that I'm yet to look through as it had
> 'basic' in the title and so didn't look immediately interesting :-) It
> was with a Dragon 32 machine (which also came with a lot of software),
> but whether any special hardware was needed I don't know.

I'm pretty sure I've got a cassette of the TRS-80 version plus manual
somehere. It's big thing was the same Basic program would run on any
of the machines for which they produced a Basicode interpreter.

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