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From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Sun Oct 24 13:53:12 2004


> Was it this list where people were recently talking about receiving
> software via the radio?

> Apparently the UK service was called Basicode - I'm just slogging my way
> through a pile of documentation donated to the museum to sort out the
> useful stuff and stumbled across an apology letter from the BBC. Seems
> they'd moved transmission from Radio 1 VHF to Radio 1 MW and they didn't
> exactly tell people in advance :-)

That service existed in Holland, too, at around the same time. They
used simple FSK modulation to send out files.. the programme presenter
would babble for a bit, then say "OK folks, time for the <C64> fans to
hit their RECORD button... counting down 10... 1 <beeeepsqueeeeek>"

Of course, they'd send out several programs for several kinds of puters,
I remember the Commodore ones, the Philips systems (Philips actually did
invent this), some MSX stuff, and programs for the COMX-35. I remember,
because I had both C64 and the COMX, and Basicode was pretty much the
only source of software for that system :(

> Now, I'm certain I remember seeing a manual about Basicode; I just left
> it in the pile at the museum that I'm yet to look through as it had
> 'basic' in the title and so didn't look immediately interesting :-) It
> was with a Dragon 32 machine (which also came with a lot of software),
> but whether any special hardware was needed I don't know.
I am quite sure Kees Stravers (kees.stravers atsign has
all the info you need.. he worked with that a lot.

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