From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Tue Oct 26 06:14:35 2004

On Mon, 2004-10-25 at 16:45 -0700, Tom Jennings wrote:
> It's got to be 10 years old now, right?


> gopherspace was wonderful, a brilliant use of the internet
> besides email. Too bad for gopher that http was better.

Ok, vague memories here. I remember using gopher circa 1993 and also
something called Archie. Was Archie just a name for specific gopher
service, or a totally different animal?

> Anyone on this list still run one?

No, but I'll have to add it to the list of information systems to run at
the museum one day.

> What's the best client to use?

I don't know what the choice is. I would have been using a client on a
machine running SunOS way back when and just remember starting it with
'gopher' from the shell :-) Maybe SunOS shipped with its own client.

Actually I do remember using gopher and ftp a lot for information and
file access, then this new-fangled www came along and I just thought
'big deal' :-)


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