new find: an Intel MDS 800

From: Dave Mabry <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 17:30:17 2004

I seem to remember that Intel had some sort of marketing agreement with
Siemens. There were several Intel products that had Siemens logos on
them sold in Europe. Unfortunately, I don't remember the specifics.

Steve Thatcher wrote:

> I lived in Munich, Germany for a year and a half back in 1983 while I
> was working for Applied Microsystems. I developed a couple of the EM
> series emulators and ran into a number of remarked Intel systems that
> said Siemens on the outside.
>> I've never heard of a Siemans system. The white MDSs that I've seen
>> all
>> have the standard Intel markings and labels. (I've got one sitting
>> about 3
>> feet from me as I type.)
>> Joe
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