Who is going to VFC 7.0?

From: Erik S. Klein <classiccmp_at_vintage-computer.com>
Date: Sat Oct 30 18:41:45 2004

The most interesting geek destination is the VCF location itself - the
Computer History Museum.

There is also Weird Stuff Warehouse in Sunnyvale although most of their
stuff is PC nowadays.

The Tech in downtown San Jose is fun, but really geared for a younger
crowd. I still enjoy it though.

I'm sure some other folks will pipe in with other destinations. . .

I'll see you at the VCF!

   Erik Klein
   The Vintage Computer Forum

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I am staying at The Residence Inn in Mountain View. (The official hotel
The Vintage Computer Festival .)

I have not been to the San Jose area in about 5 years. What is
there? (Geek stuff).

Michael Holley
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