Who is going to VFC 7.0?

From: Ron Hudson <ron.hudson_at_sbcglobal.net>
Date: Sat Oct 30 18:21:51 2004

On Oct 30, 2004, at 1:22 PM, Michael Holley wrote:

> I am staying at The Residence Inn in Mountain View. (The official
> hotel of
> The Vintage Computer Festival .)
> I have not been to the San Jose area in about 5 years. What is
> interesting
> there? (Geek stuff).
> Michael Holley
> www.swtpc.com/mholley

New or used geek-stuff?

Fry's (ducking)

Weird Stuff


Action Computer

Mike Quinn Electronics (far away in oakland)

Apple store in Valley Fair

It's not geek-stuff - but there is a new Ikea in east Palo Alto...

unmmm errrrr that place on the side road next to 101 (but I think they
are snooty)

[hows that for someone who moved to Blue Springs MO, Eureka CA, and now
lives in
Tulare CA.. But I visit about every other month from Tulare]
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