Geek-Stuff places in LA

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        I'm sure that the people that live in LA can be of much more help but I
periodically fly in/out of there when I go to my company's office in

        I think that main street that goes past LAX is Sepulveda Boulevard, which
goes North-South, not East-West. The only other road is Century Boulevard
which goes East from LAX, not West. I'm not aware of any direct Westbound
link out of LAX.

        If you "make a right" out of LAX you're on Sepulveda southbound, not
westbound. Sepulveda runs into W. Imperial Highway -- the 105 -- which runs

        Compton is South-East of LAX, just west of the 10/710, south of the 105 and
north of the 91.

        This Mapquest link might help jog someone's memory a bit:


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I remember I flew into LAX(i think)... LAX is connected to the nearest
freeway via a longish branch.
So I came out of LAX, "Turned Right" (toward the ocean- west) at the
branch - went a distance, "Turned
left) (south) on some street - and found on the right hand side a very
"Weirdstuff" like place?
That same street continues and becomes another freeway that I had to
take to get to my work-site in Compton.

Anyone know where I was?

Any other electronics-junkyard type places in LA? It has just occurred
to me that LA is only 3 hours
away...Road Trip! :^)
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