cp/m box for software

From: Paul A. Pennington <paulpenn_at_knology.net>
Date: Sun Oct 31 13:36:39 2004

    Emanuel wrote:

> So, the question is, what is the best cp/m machine for playing with the
> software ?

    I'd say a Kaypro. They can be had at very low cost -- or free -- and
they come up all the time. The floppy systems are very reliable with just a
few well-known trouble points. The hard disk model, Kaypro 10, would be
nice but it would be hard to find one working now. They were hard to keep
working even when new.

    There was a ton of detailed information on these in several magazines.
I'd recommend a Kaypro 2x if you have a choice, because of the double-sided,
half-height floppy drives. I kept one because it's easy to copy disks in
any Kaypro format. You can also read and write almost any CP/M format
floppy with the "Uniform" software, plus MSDOS format.

    I used to have a Kaypro dealership back in the day, so I could answer
most questions after you do your due diligence on Google.

    Paul Pennington
    Augusta, Georgia
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