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From: James Rice <jrice54_at_vzavenue.net>
Date: Sun Oct 31 13:59:44 2004

I'd like to get a Kaypro 2 also. I use a Commodore 128DCR but all of
the software I use is for a Kaypro 2. At least the C-128D reads and
writes Kaypro 2 disks as well as it's own format.


Paul A. Pennington wrote:

> I'd say a Kaypro. They can be had at very low cost -- or free --
> and they come up all the time. The floppy systems are very reliable
> with just a few well-known trouble points. The hard disk model,
> Kaypro 10, would be nice but it would be hard to find one working
> now. They were hard to keep working even when new.
> There was a ton of detailed information on these in several
> magazines. I'd recommend a Kaypro 2x if you have a choice, because of
> the double-sided, half-height floppy drives. I kept one because it's
> easy to copy disks in any Kaypro format. You can also read and write
> almost any CP/M format floppy with the "Uniform" software, plus MSDOS
> format.
> I used to have a Kaypro dealership back in the day, so I could
> answer most questions after you do your due diligence on Google.
> Paul Pennington
> Augusta, Georgia

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