Anita Calculators

From: db <>
Date: Sat Oct 30 18:40:25 2004

   Hi Lee. I saw your post on about your Anita. That
wasn't just a cool find; that was a once in a lifetime find, congrats. I
paid a lot more for mine, but then i live in California and we didn't get
too many of them out here. Just a lot of those ugly babes from "Baywatch".
   Mine didn't come with a manual and there are a couple of functions that
I can't figure out yet. Is there any way i could get a copy from
you? I'll share it around here too. There is a girl in New York who
maintains a website for manuals at and I'll
mail her the "Original copy" and credit it to you if you can send me one.
   Let me know if you can do it and thanks - d
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