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I have read a number of old post's on Data-IO...and they seem to be right
in line with what you state on their tech support on their products. I
called a different sales engineer and he was quite nervous when I mentioned
the user's guide listed the maintenance manual. He finally fessed up and
said they used to have a service manual available( which also came with
diagnostic software ) but they were having legal issues with ICs not being
programmed right after UNISITEs were repaired by other than "their
certified factory". He proceeded to tell me that to become a certified
repair point for DATA IO , a training and certification could be arranged
...for a price. I then asked "do you have a list of the service centers in
the US? " His response was" there are none besides the one in Redmond,WA
(Data-IOs main office), the cost to become certified is very expensive". He
is sending me a quote.

Please send me ...offline... a price for the waveform generator board.


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Hi, Hutch,

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On 01-Sep-04 at 07:27 wrote:

>Anyone know where I can get a Maintenance Manual for Unisite programmer?
>Data I/O claims " they do not have any" yet the Users Guide for the


             Data I/O is lying to you, or the person responding to your
question was ill-informed.

             DIO is, unfortunately, well on their way to becoming the
Microsoft of device programmers in that they have maintenance information
available, but they do not believe in releasing it or doing anything else
to support self-maintained programmer owners. They've gotten excessively
greedy in recent times, and they want EVERYthing to come in for service.

             How do I know they're shining you on? Because I have a
maintenance manual for the earlier Unisites. I picked it up during a
scrounge run in the Bay Area several years ago.

             If you want to try and bamboozle them, ask about the
availability of part number 972-0014-003. It may have been superseded by a
later edition.

>I am getting "waveform Generator Failure" upon bootup.

             If you cannot get DIO to cooperate, manual-wise, I believe I
have a spare WG board, still attached to a Unisite rear panel. I could
probably be convinced to part with it for a small fee.

             Happy hunting.

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