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Date: Wed Sep 1 18:41:08 2004



> He proceeded to tell me that to become a certified
> repair point for DATA IO , a training and certification could be arranged
> ...for a price. I then asked "do you have a list of the service centers in
> the US? " His response was" there are none besides the one in Redmond,WA
> (Data-IOs main office), the cost to become certified is very expensive". He
> is sending me a quote.
> Please send me ...offline... a price for the waveform generator board.


one bit of data that needs to be mentioned here, is that when you buy
a programmable part and program it with data i/o, and it fails, you can usually
return it as a defective part for credit, and blame the part, not the programmer.

This don't matter much for 2732's anymore, or a random $5 part, but it gets
bad when the parts cost $300ea, and you buy 20 and try to return 15 for credit
as defective, because your Acme Super Blow could not possibly be the

That concept aside, Data I/O is the 500 # gorilla and milking their position
for all it's worth. Unfortunately that means they ignore the small guys with
older versions of their otherwise excellent problems that don't really need
new 2004 model replacements for thousands of $$

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