Does the name 'Ed Kelleher' ring any bells?

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Wed Sep 1 22:04:42 2004

Bruce Lane wrote:

> Fellow computer tinkerers,
> This tells me right away that he has absolutely no concept of what I, as a self-hosted SysAdmin, go through each and every DAY, trying to protect my network effectively against outside abuse.
> That point aside, I sent back another polite request, saying that I'm sorry he felt that way, and asking that he please not blame me for doing what I felt necessary to protect my tiny corner of the Internet. I also asked him if he would consider at least telling me what it was he was trying to send.
> No response yet, of course. I'm not sure I'll ever see one. Based on what I saw of his company's web site, though, I suspect that what he had to send may have been of minimal value in any case (possibly even spam).
> Has anyone on the list had any contact with this person or his company?
> The vast majority of people that I've asked to re-send their original message have no problem with it, and are fully understanding of why their initial attempts might have been blocked. What's gotten into this fellow that he can't seem to understand the view from my side, especially considering that he sells (and presumably works with) computer goodies?
> Insights and opinions welcomed. Thanks much.


   You're blacklisting an entire legitimate domain, and you're upset
that a correspondent from that domain won't send you information for the
sixth time?

   As a system administrator managing several commercial mail servers, I
do have a clear concept of your pain, and I call bullshit. There are
better ways to control spam. I'll grant that it's entirely your right
to filter anybody, any way you want, but when you take it to the extreme
there are consequences.

   As the mail admin, it's *my* responsibility to my users and
correspondents to manage spam, relays, and all the other booogeymen that
go with mail traffic. They should not have to jump through hoops to
send a valid email into, or out of, my domain. There's no reason at all
that a correspondent should have to make extraordinary effort to allow
for your laziness.

   I also fail to see ANY justification for your post to CC. This issue
is private, it started in private, and it should have stayed private.

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