Old games for sale, cheap

From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Wed Sep 1 23:13:53 2004

My brother gave me a box of his old DOS games, and told me to get rid of
them however I saw fit. CCTALK, here they come!

Anyway, I have 20-ish pound box full of early 1990s DOS games (maybe some
Windows, too) for the PeeCee. Let's see, we have Ultima 4, Pirates,
various AD&D games, Roger Wilco, Gunship 2000, Tornado, Wooden Ships& Iron
Men, and probably a few I missed. Knowing my brother, everything original
to the games is there (yes, these are real, store-bought, non-pirated

One money gets the whole pile - I don't want to sell individual games.

Cheap. Make a stupid offer over shipping.

William Donzelli
Received on Wed Sep 01 2004 - 23:13:53 BST

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