CD Shredder

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Sep 1 23:18:48 2004

> Deep fat fried CD's.... Now that might actually be interesting to see :^)

Especially if the CD reacted to the hot oil like chinese cellophane noodles,
puffing up 10 times their size and going from clear to non-opaque white.
Hummm Neat visual :)

Actually... I like the waffle iron idea. If you could get a cd into a waffle
iron pattern, with melted sunk depressions in a regular pattern.... I am
thinking you'd have a great saleable product as a coaster. The next Pet
rock... a CD like a waffle for a coaster. What geek wouldn't want one? :-)

Jay {running off to set up his ebay merchant account for
CDwaffleCoasters(tm) }
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