SIMH & root

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 08:38:17 2004

>>>>> "David" == David Holland <> writes:

 David> Speaking of SIMH.. SIMH requires root privileges to do its
 David> networking (at least on most of its unix host OS's),
 David> understandably, but I'm not happy with it...

 David> So I've hacked up some code changes that'll let me change the
 David> UID/GID & chroot() SIMH is running on from the SIMH console.

 David> The idea is..

 David> attach (network devs) attach (other root owned devs) set priv
 David> root=/some/chroot/jail gid=-1 uid=-1 (continue configuring)

 David> Anyways, my question is, does anyone else think this would
 David> even vaguely be useful?

Sounds sensible.

Then again, can you achieve the same result by changing the mode or
owner/group of the devices in question? Hm, I suppose that doesn't
apply to network interfaces because those don't have modes or

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