Imaging SCSI hard disks

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 08:49:07 2004

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Ponsford <> writes:

 Tom> David Holland wrote:
>> Wouldn't something like:
>> attach rq0 /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s2
>> (Or for Linux)
>> attach rq0 /dev/sda
>> for SIMH work? (It'll require root, or a chown of the device)
>> And, as I've never tried this.. YMMV..
>> David

 Tom> So, if I ran SIMH under freebsd

 Tom> attach rq0 /dev/fd0.rx50

 Tom> and I could attach my physical "emulated rx50" to simh??

 Tom> (freebsd has a fd0.rx50 floppy device that I have yet to try)

Hm... yes, that would work, if the OS has enough magic to set up the
floppy drive to RX50 compatible layout (10 sectors per track, not 9)
and does the address remapping to handle the interleave and cylinder
shift that RX50s use. Failing that, you can handle those parts at the
application level if the OS at least gives you some primitives.
That's what I did in Linux for RX50 support in "rstsflx".

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