Vintage hardware in Los Alamos NM

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 19:07:01 2004

>>> A CC of cards, paper tape (unused) including DEC factory fanfold.

DEFINITELY interested in the paperr tape iff some is avail!

>>> Random piles of some DEC modules. I cannot ID these; two
>>> plstic handles on human end, cardedge on the buss end. 80s.
>>> RAM boards. Some new-in-boxes (but those could of course be
>>> "return for repair" after module swap.)

No numbers or other marks on the plastic handles?????
>>> CCs of HP, TI calculators. We earlier found complete sets
>>> of working HP25's with card readers complete with
>>> bomb-crater calc software on magstrips (utterly
>>> non-classified; it's a standard physics calc).

If a TI-59 is there......
>>> Keep in mind this stuff is scattered ALL OVER THE PLACE on
>>> towering shelves in a 50,000 sq ft ex-supermarket. It's out
>>> of the weather, but it gets COLD UP THERE in the winter, so
>>> things like wirewrap are suspect at best.

Don't get lost!!!!

>>> I can assure you you won't find an undiscovered cache of
>>> working minis up there, but there's a LOT OF MISCELLANY.

PDP-8's have been known to show up in VERY strange places <grin>
>>> Please drop my name when you go -- it's no ego for me, but
>>> Ed knows me and I told him I'd refer people up there, and
>>> you're likely to get a better deal. Plan on spending a day
>>> there, or better yet, two days.
>>> Seriously, I've been going there since 1994 and never get
>>> to see it all; it grows monthly and his assistant Frank, an
>>> ex-lab nerd and artist, has done an amazing job of
>>> organizing and extracting crap.

Wish I could get there, but I am on the wrong side of the country....
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