Vintage hardware in Los Alamos NM

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Sun Sep 5 21:58:49 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-02 at 17:07, David V. Corbin wrote:

> >>> A CC of cards, paper tape (unused) including DEC factory fanfold.

> DEFINITELY interested in the paper tape if some is avail!

It's ALL available -- but you have to go there to get it. Just got back
this AM, 1800 miles/2900km round trip to retrieve the LGP-21

I know I said some months ago that I'd bring back stuff to LA and
re-sell for cost, but it didn't work out that way, sorry. The car was
totally full, and the checking account totally empty -- pricing is
erratic, let's say.

Going to the Black Hole isn't "shopping", unfortunately. You'll need
literally days to find the stuff tucked into the back of shelves. I
honestly suggest, without exaggeration, that you plan on spending two
full, 8-hour days at the place. Fly into Albuquerque (ABQ), rent a car.
Get a motel in Santa Fe (Los Alamos is too weird to have one). He's open
M - F, most Saturdays, more or less 8a - 5p. It's unheated, so in the
winter it's COLD (meaning 0c or less).

If stuff is to big (or scary to airline Hopeless Security) to pack as
luggage, bring to a retail shipper like Mailboxes Etc.

I suggest two days, as it's certain on the 2nd you'll want to go back
"to look at that thing from yesterday".

SF/LA NM is also a beautiful area, make a vacation of it. If you're from
the East Coast (US) it'll be utterly amazing and alien. It's quite
rural, and the locals to NOT move fast, so leave big-city hurry at
home... :-)
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