Vintage hardware in Los Alamos NM

From: Dan Veeneman <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 23:04:36 2004

I appreciate the fact that Tom has put a lot of time into
spelunking into the Black Hole, but for anyone else
that might be thinking of visiting, here's a report from
a friend of mine (local to Los Alamos) that checked out
the place for me:

      I went to the black hole yesterday and they said
      they need to see a picture of any computer you
      might be looking for. These guys really don't
      know what they have let alone what it is worth.
      Searching the BH for it would be a major chore.
      These guys are not very technical; worse, they
      don't really understand the value of anything. The
      place is indeed a gold mine, and they price
      everything as though it were made of gold too !



At 07:47 PM 9/2/04, you wrote:
>Whew! I'm in Santa Fe typing this at a wifi hotspot, and now that Ive
>retrieved my Objects, after protracted years of wangling, I feel safe to
>post more about the vintage gear at Los Alamos Sales Co (aka "the black
>hole") in Los Alamos NM.
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