Vintage hardware in Los Alamos NM

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Sun Sep 5 15:53:08 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-02 at 21:04, Dan Veeneman wrote:
> I appreciate the fact that Tom has put a lot of time into
> spelunking into the Black Hole, but for anyone else
> that might be thinking of visiting, here's a report from
> a friend of mine (local to Los Alamos) that checked out
> the place for me:

A valid take on the place. Ed and Frank don't know computer gear, nor
electronics in general, but they're very knowledgeable of much of the
stuff there, so if your emphasis is computers then yes, their knowledge
is VERY limited.

ANd it is true, pricing is erratic at best, and unfortunately prices
have been going up, I think partly because fewer people are showing up
to buy, mostly to ogle.

No offense to Ed, but he grossly over-values some things, and tends to
err on the side of too-high, when the items in question are anything
electronic. However, he's usually completely fair, and prices QUITE
reasonable, for components, mechanical, materials, parts, pieces,
machines, etc etc.

(He's got these amazing steel, glass-front lab cabinets that my Santa Fe
friends find outrageous at $35 each -- they go for $150+ here in Los

> I went to the black hole yesterday and they said
> they need to see a picture of any computer you
> might be looking for.

I know where all of these things are (well, all the ones I've found so
far :-) and will gladly tell anyone who is going up there. Hell, I even
have photos of most of the places they're stored in as maps!

However, it's of the "OK turn right... then left at the meat locker,
right at the IBM punch..." sort of thing. Best with a cellphone in
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